Fill Your Restaurant Seats

Fill Your Restaurant With Happy DinersMost of our client restaurants/bars are long term and very satisfied with what we offer.  Our Texas Holdem venues are a perfect way to fill extra restaurant seats on those slower nights.  Our members are very loyal, with many of them playing poker from 4 to 6 nights per week.  Most of them will dine out in your restaurant every night they play.  We offer extra poker chips as additional incentive when they eat in your restaurant.

If you would like to explore how to fill more seats on your slower nights, I encourage you to call us at  404-642-7242 so we can discuss the details.

Our members are a well-behaved, respectful group of people, not the potential trouble makers you may find at other venues.

We do stay pretty booked up and we can’t promise that we will have an opening when you call, but we will add you to our “first-available” list so that you can hop on board as soon as we have an opening.


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